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Tandem Cycle

Kyrenia IVF offers some of the most sophisticated reproductive technology services and continues to be a referral center for advanced genetic and fertility treatments.

Fertility treatment is an intensive process that requires sensitivity and an understanding of every patient’s fertility issues.

Gaining great popularity within the last few years, Tandem Cycle allows women with a low ovarian reserve to have a better chance at pregnancy using her own eggs — while at the same time having back-up egg reserves through the use of an egg donor.

Tandem Cycle is also a great option for older women and for women with elevated FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels.

Advantages With Tandem Cycle

  • At the end of the process you get to decide what combination of your own eggs and donor eggs to use.
  • If worst comes to worst and your own eggs do not develop well then you have the donor eggs as back up so you do not have to go through another IVF cycle.
  • This also gives you the opportunity to try at fırst with just your own eggs, freezing the donor eggs for a future cycle without facing the cost of 2 separate cycles.